ISSN: 2582-7936

Volume 4, Issue 1-Jan 2023

Article Title:Awareness of Consumers on Usage of E – Wallet with Reference to Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu
Author(s): P. Jagatheesh, Dr.T. Santhiya Rani
Abstract: There has been a significant move away from what is known as "conventional banking" and toward "easy banking" in Indian financial institutions. They are now prepared for a more rapid "digital appeal" today. As a result of the demonetization, electronic wallets, credit cards, and betting cards have quickly gained popularity as methods of payment. These types of digital payments are significantly more suitable for the payment of the minimum wage in urban areas. The technique for making digital payments is sustainable for the economy and has the potential to reach rural populations. E-wallets are a relatively new innovation in the realm of digital payment applications. In comparison to other digital forms of conducting banking transactions, using an e-wallet makes the payment process significantly simpler. A smartphone is the most important piece of equipment required to have an electronic wallet. The electronic wallet presents its users with a number of advantages, but at the same time, it has a number of shortcomings that need to be addressed. This is the first study of its sort, and it investigates the challenges that respondents in the city of Coimbatore in the state of Tamilnadu encountered when trying to access their electronic wallets.
Keywords: Digital marketing, Concepts, Digital platforms, Digital technologies
Article Title: Challenges Faced by Customers of E-Banking Services by the Scheduled Commercial Banks in Coimbatore City
Author(s): Santhiya P
Abstract:E-banking is a big thing that has changed the way banks do business. Banks all over the world are changing their plans to take advantage of the new opportunities that e-banking brings. People don't think of online banking as a replacement for brick-and-mortar banking branches, but rather as an extra way to get services. E-banking has increased the competition among the banks and both domestic and foreign banks are offering more and more modern ways of e-banking. The new technology has radically altered the traditional ways of doing banking business. Today, no banking business or corporate strategy is complete without information technology, whether it's for customer service, transactions, remittances, auditing, marketing, pricing, or anything else. So, this study will show you the problems that customers of scheduled commercial banks in the city of Coimbatore have with E-banking services. Keywords: E- Banking, Technology, Scheduled Commercial Banks.
Keywords: Investment Avenues, Investment Pattern
Article Title: Impact of Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) on the Productivity of IT Companies
Author(s): Dr.V. Sivakumar
Abstract:Managing human resources in the workplace is essential to the success of any business, and Green Human Resource Management provides significant improvements over traditional methods. It directly contradicts the desired results for the company. While some studies examined a wide range of industries, others concentrated on the manufacturing sector, such as the "automobile industry," as a case study for the impact of HRM practices on organizational performance. However, by focusing on a specific sector, like hospitals, the advantages may spread throughout the entire sector. This research, which examined Information Technology (IT) companies in the Coimbatore area, found that implementing GHRM practices improved their ability to provide care to patients.
Keywords: Green Human Resource Management, Health Service Organizations, Organizational Performance

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