ISSN: 2582-7936

Volume 3, Issue 3-Dec 2022

Article Title:Digital Marketing Trends
Author(s): S. Vinothkumar, B. Sujith
Abstract: Digital marketing is that the marketing of product or services victimization digital technologies, primarily on the web, however additionally together with mobile phones, show advertising, and the other digital medium. Digital marketing’s development since the Nineties and 2000s has modified the manner brands and businesses use technology for marketing. As digital platforms square measure more and more incorporated into marketing plans and lifestyle, and as folks use digital devices rather than visiting physical outlets, digital marketing campaigns are getting a lot of current and economical. This paper primarily focuses on abstract understanding of digital marketing, however digital marketing helps today’s business.
Keywords: Digital marketing, Concepts, Digital platforms, Digital technologies
Article Title: Awareness on Investment Pattern of Different Investment Avenues
Author(s): S. Vinothkumar
Abstract:The nature of financial markets has changed drastically. Investing money has become a very complex task because of the huge number of savings and investment companies and products offered by them, terms and conditions of investments, and prevalent complex rules and regulations. Most of the investors, particularly rural investors, are found to be unaware about investment avenues and rules and regulations. In spite of remarkable growth of our economy and increasing income levels of people, the pace of savings mobilization is lower in India. Rural savings are not mobilized and invested properly. Investment is an economic activity which creates capital required for various sectors of the economy.
Keywords: Investment Avenues, Investment Pattern
Article Title: Opinion of Consumers Towards Branded Food Products in Namakkal
Author(s): Sathya A, Dr.A.Sivakumar
Abstract:Creating a unique identity in the minds of consumers requires effective branding. It benefits the company's reputation and the customer's perception of the company. There are many ways in which brands help their customers. The most significant aspect of any product's brand is the quality it represents. Food brands are growing in significance, and consumers are prepared to pay attention to them whenever it's useful. The focus of this research is on the opinions of Namakkal residents regarding branded food products.
Keywords: Branding, Goodwill, Branded Food Products
Article Title: Comparative Analysis of Impact of Privatization on Both Public and Private Sector General Insurance Companies
Author(s): Dr. P. Murugan
Abstract:Since its independence, the Government of India has pursued socialist model policies within the framework of a mixed economy. Both the public and private sectors coexist. In addition to the private sector, the public sector has also received considerable importance. The important and strategic sector of the economy is solely entrusted to public funding. The government has banned 4,444 private companies from investing in these sectors. The insurance sector is also under the control of the government these days. The government depends on these agencies for financial aid. Gradually in the 1990`s India slowly moves towards the introduction of new economic policy that is privatization, globalization, and liberalization. Indian economy made its way for unfamiliar players, Introduction of LPG rolled out a few radical improvements in the Indian financial climate. The objective of the study is to identify the perception regarding procedure and formalities of taking insurance policies for customer satisfaction between public and private general insurance companies. Samples were collected from 100 private general insurance holders and 100 public general insurance companies. SPSS software is used to derive statistical inference for the study.
Keywords: Public and private general insurance companies, General Insurance Companies, Economy, financial aid, LPG
Article Title: A Study On Perception and Problems over the Investment Decision of Women Employees in Coimbatore City
Author(s): Santhiya P
Abstract:When it comes to the promotion of economic development in a developing nation like India, one of the most important factors is investment that results to the formation of capital. Investment requires savings, which are produced by three different sectors: the household sector, the corporate sector, and the government sector. Of these three sectors, the household sector is the surplus sector, which finances the deficit of the other two sectors. Both men and women contribute to the savings of their households. Over the past two decades, the proportion of working educated women in the overall workforce has increased. These women are in a position to save and invest their earnings. In the current research, an attempt is made to investigate how women employees feel about the various investment opportunities available to them, as well as the challenges they encounter while making investments.
Keywords: Public and private general insurance companies, General Insurance Companies, Economy, financial aid, LPG

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