ISSN: 2582-7936

Volume 3, Issue 2-Oct 2022

Article Title:Impact of Private Equity investment in Indian Capital Market
Author(s): Dr. R. Anuja, Ms. R. Marisubathra
Abstract: India has a sizable and complex financial system that features public and private sectors, as well as both traditional and cutting-edge components. Traditional institutions like families and moneylenders have been important sources of capital alongside modern financial organizations. Banking institutions are home to the vast majority of this money. Today, consumers are more likely to receive a loan through a local retail bank than from the capital markets or wholesale banks. In order to raise money, most businesses turn to the stock market, but if that doesn't work, they may approach private financial intermediaries. Private equity (PE) is a relatively new financial vehicle that emerged around the turn of the millennium as a development of venture capital (VC). The goal of this study is to find out how the presence of PE has changed the Indian capital market
Keywords: financial system, financial institutions, Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC), Indian Capital Market
Article Title: Consumer Attitude Towards Online Shopping with Reference to Thoothukudi
Author(s): Dr. R. Nirmala
Abstract:"Online shopping" refers to the process of purchasing goods or services through the use of the Internet, which often eliminates the need for middlemen. Customers of online retailers have the ease of being able to shop without leaving their couches. Because so many people now have internet connection in their homes as well as their places of employment, online retailers are open around the clock for customers' convenience. As a result, because it is so convenient, shopping online is a fantastic choice for them to consider. When it comes to shopping over the holidays, one of the most appealing aspects of doing it online is the absence of the time-consuming obligations of having to wait in lengthy lines or search the store for a certain item. Many different things are available to purchase from online stores. As a consequence of this, people in Coimbatore will be polled about their feelings on online shopping so that conclusions can be drawn.
Keywords: Online Shopping, Internet, Online Retailers, Customers' Convenience

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