ISSN: 2582-7936

Volume 3, Issue 1-Feb 2022

Article Title:Perception of PVTGs towards Implementation of various Government Schemes in Nilgiris
Author(s): Ms. Sajeena Banu, Dr. P. Chellasamy
Abstract: Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) are Tribal people found all over the nation and their development is an overall upliftment of the tribal people to reach the main streams at different levels. The development includes not only protection but also improvement in terms of health, employment, transportation, education, etc. Due to their distinctive characters, cultures, religions, habitations, etc. implementation of time bound and phased manner development programmes and schemes according to their need is very useful and important. Hence the present study is made to analyze the perception of PVTGs towards the various government schemes that are being enacted from time to time for their socio-economic development.
Keywords: Particularly Vulnerable Tribal groups (PVTGs), Upliftment, and Socio-Economic Development
Article Title: Determinants of Working Capital Management in Select Manufacturing Companies in India
Author(s): Martin Leo. L, Dr. M. Jayaprakasam
Abstract:Generally, manufacturing companies are facing problems with their collection and payment policies. In all type of manufacturing concerns, investment is required for the conversion of raw material into ready to sell products for the company. That is why need of working capital management arises, especially in case of manufacturing sector. In spite of significant contribution to the national income, manufacturing sector is still in developing stage in India. Flow of capital is slow, thus, a real challenge for financial managers of these companies is the optimum utilization of existing capital. Hence, the present part of the study is being dealt with the analyzing the determinants of both the long term finances and working capital of select companies in Indian manufacturing sector.
Keywords: Manufacturing Companies, Long Term Finances, Working Capital Management
Article Title: Operational Efficiency and its impact on Productivity in MSMEs: A study with reference to Coimbatore district
Author(s): B. Raguraman, Dr. M. Umamaheshwari
Abstract:Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector plays a crucial role in Indian economy; the sector is highly dynamic and vibrant. The state of Tamil Nadu is a significant contributor to the Indian economy with its dynamic approach in dealing with small and medium sized enterprises. Though, it’s a prominent contributor, the MSMEs are constantly facing issues in finance to expand themselves to next stage of business environment. Financing channels and costs are often listed as one of the most restrictive characteristics of MSMEs inhibiting their growth in business environment. Amidst all the prevailing issues of Covid 19, the MSMEs are gaining up the pace with finance assistances from the schemes of central and state governments. Adding fuel to this, the finance from venture capital would take the SMEs a step further. Coimbatore is the region in Tamilnadu that has a lot of MSMEs next to the capital city of Chennai. This study is intended to analyze the impact of operational efficiency on productivity of MSMEs in Coimbatore district.
Keywords: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Indian economy, Covid 19, Operational Efficiency, Productivity

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