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Current Issue : Volume 2, Issue 2 - June 2021

Article Title: Women Shopping Pattern Using social media Offered by Home Based Women Entrepreneurs
Author(s): Dr. M. Sadiya Sarvath
Abstract: Everyday women consumers form impressions from brands advertisements, branded content, and interactions on social media. The experience that women consumers have towards their products, and increasingly, the experience what other consumers have towards their brand will impact their perception, and ultimately, their decisions to purchase. The women consumer’s voice, whether in reviews on brands websites or social media platforms, is an extremely powerful influence in purchase decisions. With the spread of education and awareness, women entrepreneurs have shifted from the extended kitchen activities to various other activities with the emergence of various social media platforms. The present study is undertaken to know the shopping pattern among women using social platforms offered by the women entrepreneurs.
Keywords: Social media, Women Entrepreneurs, Purchase decision, Women consumers
Article Title: Factors Influencing the Success of Technopreneurship
Author(s): Dr.M.Selladurai, J.Priyadharshini
Abstract: Technopreneurship is a simple entrepreneurship in a technology intensive context. It is a process of merging technology powers with entrepreneurial talents and skills. Technopreneurship is one of the emergent concepts in7 the topical developments of business, particularly in developing countries which helps to attract the latest technology in entrepreneurship to achieve the sustainable development. There is a need for supporting technology-based entrepreneurship to reduce the operational cost and increase the efficiency. It is essential to evaluate the development of technopreneurs in a particular area will bring out the clear frame about technopreneurship. With this aspect, the present research evaluates the performance of technopreneurs those who are associated with software industries in Tiruchirappalli district. Technopreneurs are skilled in applied creativity, succeed in response to challenge, and look for unconventional solutions. They experience challenges, create visions for solutions, build stories that explain their visions, and then act to be part of the solution.
Keywords:Technopreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Technology-Based, Skills.
Article Title: A Study on Investors Preference in Tamilnadu with Special Reference to Tiruchirappalli City
Author(s): Dr. Selvakumar R
Abstract: The concept of saving plays an important role in Economic Development. Saving is defined as the difference between income and consumption. During Pre-Independence period in India, people spent most of their income on consumption and only a small amount of income was left in the form of saving. Savings and investments are two different activities of women. Every man has a tendency to save for various reasons. While investing money, the investors lack awareness of investment alternatives. Even the educated people were not aware about the investment. In the present scenario, the working people have no clear idea about investment. They were not having any awareness though there were many investment sources available but their investment is limited. If they invest their income in right investment avenues and follow the proper strategy regarding their investment, then they may get a good return. Moreover, Trichy has many industrial areas and there are large number of people are working in the city. Weighted Arithmetic mean and Garrett ranking techniques are adopted to analyze the opinion of customer service in banks, factors influencing the investment pattern and investment preference. Therefore, it is decided to study the investment pattern of the respondents in the selected area.
Keywords:Economic Development, Savings, Investment
Article Title: A Study on Motivation of Employees with Special Reference to Aala Gloves Ltd., Vaniyambadi
Author(s): Ms. D.Mahalakshmi
Abstract:Management’s related job is effective of human resources for successful of organizational objectives. The personnel management is organizing human resources in such a way to get more output to the enterprise. Employee motivation is one of the major issues faced by every organization. It is main task of every manager to motivate his subordinates or to create the "will to work' among the subordinates. The organization should satisfy the wants and needs of employee motivation may be financial or non- financial it result to increase in pay as well as status of an individual.
Keywords:Management, Human Resources, Employee Motivation and Organization
Article Title:A study on analyzing the awareness level of schemes available to Handloom-Power loom weavers for their secured livelihood at Arani Taluk, Tamil Nadu
Author(s): Dr. Sasikala M S
Abstract:Onnupuram is a silk village where all the people engage in weaving profession. There might be a question raised like if all engage in weaving profession, who will be there to buy? Answer is as simple as follows. It will be given to textile shops, showrooms and other avenues where it is required. Even majority of youngsters are getting into this profession because there is an image that this business is evergreen as all women are liked to buy silk saris. Here there is a point where to be noticed such as people are doing their work and giving their best but there are totally unaware about the schemes offered by government. This study will be focused on creating awareness to the people resides at Taluk of Bhavani.
Keywords:Government schemes, Handloom Power loom, Weavers, Benefit
Article Title:An Association of Job Performance and Job Satisfaction among Bankers in Tirunelveli - A Logical Disclosure
Author(s): Dr. Stanley Davis Mani T, Mr. Allwin Nirmal Singh R
Abstract:The success of any financial institutions or an organization depends on the capability of higher power to provide an inspiring atmosphere for its employees. They have to know the behavior of each and every employees and what strength to motivate each one individually. By understanding employees' requirements, they can know what rewards to use to encourage them. By making the attempt to assure the different needs of each employee, any financial institutions or an organization may ensure a highly motivated employee. In order to accomplish the organizational aims or goals the companies especially banking companies have taken a battle of implementation satisfaction of employees to improve the performance of employees and organization as a whole.
Keywords:Employees, Job Satisfaction, Job performance and Banks
Article Title:A Study on Financial Performance Analysis of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) for the Period 2015 – 2019
Author(s): Mr. Ramasamy Venkatasubramanian, Dr. C.L.Jeba Melvin
Abstract:Indian Oil Corporation Limited owns and operates a network of crude oil and petroleum product pipeline in India. The main objective of this analysis is to determine the firm’s liquidity and profitability position by using tools like Ratio Analysis and Trend Analysis. Various ratios from Liquidity Ratios, Solvency Ratios, Turnover Ratios, Profitability Ratios, Comparative Study and Trend Analysis have been used to measure the financial performance of the company. Secondary data was used for the study. For a better understanding of the analysis, findings are interpreted in tables. This analysis consists of interpretations and managerial implications to assist the company and improve its performance.
Keywords:Financial Performance, Ratio Analysis, Trend Analysis, IOCL

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